It’s Pronounced Metrosexual is a simple show to produce, so the cost is minimal. Sam is committed to sharing this message as much as possible, and would much prefer performing the show at 50 schools a year instead of 15, even at the same wage.

Read about the cost of the show below, or skip ahead to the contract section.

The show costs $2500, all inclusive. Email for Pricing

For some schools, having the flat rate fee without needing to request it is beneficial, but there is no one fee that applies to all schools’ budgets or needs, so I’m asking that you get in touch about pricing if you want to bring IPM to your campus and are unsure if you have the budget for it. All the old pricing and details will be honored as well, so for the time being they are still included on this page.

Add in the cost of reserving a space, setting up some chairs, and turning on a PA, and you have your total production cost.

It’s that simple.

Why is it so much cheaper than other speakers?

If you look around, you’ll learn that this price doesn’t even come close to the other speakers/shows available of this caliber, which are priced two-, three-, or four-times that much (and often more).  This does not reflect the quality of It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, which many people have praised to be one of the best college shows available.  The low cost is reflective of Sam’s commitment to social justice.  Knowing that access is the first step toward achieving progress, Sam is dedicated to making his show as accessible as possible, while keeping it afloat. Every year, Sam has considered bumping up the price to be more reflective of other programs, but he keeps reverting back to that commitment to accessibility.

It’s Pronounced Metrosexual is a powerful show, and we want to make sure organizations of all sizes have access to that power.  The show is anything but cheap.

Block rates, discounted shows, and other “deals.”

In an effort to perform the show as much as possible, we offer a lot of flexibility on the already low fee.  If your organization’s needs aren’t met by any of the following exceptions, contact us and we will do our best to make something work.

Block Rate Pricing: $2000 flat

If you can coordinate with another nearby school to bring the show to your respective campuses on two consecutive days, you can both save by not having to worry about the travel portion of the fee. If you can get three consecutive shows blocked, the fee drops to $2000/show. There is no time-in-advance requirement for receiving block pricing.  The only determining factor is Sam’s availability: if he’s free, you’ve got yourself a deal.  So it’s in your best interest to block shows early.

Multiple Shows on One Campus

If you are in need of multiple performances in one night (e.g., due to venue size constrictions), or over the course of a few days (e.g., new student orientation), we can work with you on pricing.  Odds are,  you’ll get a similar discount to the block rate pricing, but we might be able to afford a greater discount if you will be incurring additional lodging or travel costs.  Just tell us what you need in the comments section of the booking page, and we’ll sort something out.

Demonstrated Need/Lack of Resources

If you can demonstrate that your organization is in need of It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, but you simply can’t afford the fee, contact us.  Schools that have recently experienced serious bigoted, anti-LGBT, or other hate-related incidents would certainly fall into this category.  Sam has yet to say no to such a show.

Contract and General Rider

The astute legal team  at It’s Pronounced Metrosexual has taken the time to draft up a general contract, outlining expectations between the performer (Sam Killermann) and the purchaser (you, in hopes), but we understand that your organization might have a form contract that is required for performers.  That’s totally okay.  We can use yours, too.

The General Rider is the more important document, as it outlines the technical and production needs of the show.  While they are limited and easy to fulfill, they are nonetheless important to agree upon before hand.  Both documents can be viewed by clicking the respective images below.

It's Pronounced Metrosexual Contract
It's Pronounced Metrosexual Rider