Performing at CSU Chico

The students at CSU Chico requested a pose after the show that I'm now calling the "Burt Reynolds"

After great trips to California and the Midwest these past few weeks I want to keep up the momentum. I understand that the semester will be over before we know it, and spring programming budgets are usually a bit tighter than those in the fall, so I’m offering a first-ever limited time offer:

Book my show for any date I have available through the rest of the semester and get a $500 spring cleaning discount.

Ever since the eruption of the Genderbread Person, my appearances on campuses have been markedly different.  Students know of me, or at least of my work, and that has lent a lot of credibility to what I have to say on stage.  They even occasionally laugh now, which is nice.  Attendance at shows has been fantastic (record-breaking in one instance), as folks who haven’t been persuaded (forced) to attend are showing up out of interest.  It’d be great to continue taking advantage of this trend while it’s at its peak.

For more info on my booking details, contract, and rider, check out my pricing page.  If you’d like to hear how my last few shows went, I’ll be adding some new videos to the praise and reactions page soon.  And if you have any questions, just get in touch!

Use the form to the right to submit your info to me.  Be sure to mention this offer in “Additional Comments” so I know how you found me.  I look forward to hearing from you, and bringing my show your way!

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