"Q and A" Comic

Hi there!

Before you go any further, let’s make sure you’re in the right place.  If you’re looking to book the campus program It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, you should go here instead.

Still here?  Okay, let’s continue.

I’m Sam and I write, doodle, and program/design this site. Pretty much all by myself. This comes as a surprise to most people (as evidenced by all the emails I get that are address to “the team”).

I get a lot of emails — arguably, too many emails (last count: 255,087 emails in 2016) — so the goal of this page is to prevent you from feeling the need to email me. Know that this comes from a place of love and kindness: if you email me, odds are I won’t see your email, and greater odds are I won’t respond. I’ll feel bad. You might feel bad. So let’s avoid all that, if we can, shall we?

Common Asks

If you’re writing in to ask permission to use anything on the site (e.g., to print a graphic, or copy/paste a thing into another thing), permission granted. If you just want to get in touch to say thanks, or to share something cool you made with something I made, Twitter is a great way to do that.

Here are some things I DON’T do (or no longer do), under any circumstances:

  • Post sponsored content, third party infographics, or do outside advertising in any form;
  • Read/share press releases, crowdfunding requests, or other announcements; or
  • Host unsolicited guest blogs, articles from readers, or other outside content.

So if you’re reaching out for the above things, please know your request will be ignored. Sorry! (This is blunt, but I’m hoping it will save you the time of reaching out, which I think is a nice form of bluntness)

Say Hi, Ask a Question, Request Something, Etc.

Not dismayed by everything above? Great! Looking forward to hearing from you. Click the link below to fill out a short google form, which will relay your message to me 🙂

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