New year, new site.

I spent the past couple weeks rebuilding this site top-to-bottom with two goals in mind: make it faster and make it more accessible. It’s coming in at over 70% faster than the old site, and I haven’t even now I’ve switched to new hosting (Want to help pay for it?), the primary reason for this rebuild.

And with all those upsides come a whole lot of potential bugs. If you’re up for it, I’d love your help squashing them (non-violently, of course). If you notice something on the site that seems off, let me know.

Twitter (@Killermann) is best for me if it works for you, but you can also email ( All I’ll need from you is a screenshot of the bug, or a brief description, along with two important things: what browser you are using (e.g., “Chrome”), and on what device (e.g., “Macbook).

Happy 2018, everybody! And good riddance to the dumpster fire that was 2017.


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Known, Unfixed Bugs

The stuff I’ve already heard about, and will get to ASAP:

  • “Read Next” Post Slider not displaying properly on Windows phones

Squashed Bugs

The stuff you’ve told me about, that I’ve fixed. Thanks!

  • Sidebar mailing list sign-up not working
  • Homepage connector text covering headings on mobile
  • Campus programs page text illegible, and overlapping on mobile
  • Page intros contrast too low for accessibility
  • Article share counter text too small on desktop
  • “All Posts” page blog list displaying weird on mobile