On this page you should be able to find everything you need to know about advertising with It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, but it’s a new service so get in touch if anything is missing.  I recommend you familiarize yourself with the entire program, then use the form at the bottom to contact me if you’re interested.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

I look forward to working with you!



1. Introduction

I do advertising a bit differently here than many other sites you might run across.  My advertising program is designed with one goals in mind: to create connections between the site’s readership and the advertisers.

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you check out my infographic detailing the first 365 days of It’s Pronounced Metrosexual.  That will give you an idea of the growth of the site and the traffic.

This page is a mock-up designed to help you understand how my advertising program works.  If you look around you’ll see named and numbered ad placeholders in various positions around the site.  I will refer to those later.

2. Compatibility

[samplead]It’s incredibly important for us that your organization’s values align with It’s Pronounced Metrosexual’s.  I want to be able to genuinely recommend your products to my readership, based on a level of trust I’ve established, which will increase the likelihood that you’ll see a return on your advertising.  I can only do this if we have similar values.

When you apply below to advertise, you’ll answer a few questions regarding this topic, and I’ll review your product and website for a bit prior to your approval.  Odds are, if you’re here and wanting to advertise with me, this won’t be a problem, but I believe in being upfront to avoid wasting folks’ time.

3. Ad Spaces & Pricing

Below are the standard advertising spaces and pricing for each.  If you have an idea for an advertisement that isn’t featured below, contact me and I’ll be happy to talk it over.  Also, a quick note: due to the responsive design of this site, the sidebar ad sizes are not fixed pixel width by pixel height, and instead just aspect ratios (play around with the size of your browser to see this in effect).

Leaderboard Banner, 1 max, $180/30 days

This is the purple ad you see at the top of the page.

  • The first thing any visitor will see on every article and page on the site
  • 728px X 90px dimensions, with background color to match the design of the ad
  • Web-optimized .JPG or animated .GIF file types allowed

Featured Sidebar Ad, 1 max, $20/7 Days

This is the green ad you see in the “News & Sitch” column.  It is well-suited to advertise something current or topical, but can be bought out for longer periods of time to secure the prime location on the site.

  • The second ad visitors are likely to see
  • Featured at the top of the news column of every article and page of the website at all times
  • 4:3 aspect ratio, size of the ad will respond to the width of the browser
  • 40 words of copy (with hyperlinks) to explain the product or organization
  • Web-optimized .JPG file type allowed

In-Article Ads, $10/5 Days (optional $2/day after)

[samplead]These are the blue ads you see throughout this page.  They are ideal for capitalizing on the various trends in popularity particular articles get (see the “Popular this Week” sidebar list), or for advertising within an article that speaks to your particular organization.  If there are two or more ads in a longer article, order will be determined by seniority (ads that are applied for first will get the first spots).

  • Featured within the text of the article of your choice.
  • 1 ad per 600 words of the article, except in the 30+ list articles which will feature a max of 2 ads
  • 250px X 250px dimensions
  • Web-optimized .JPG or animated .GIF file types allowed

Basic Sidebar Ads, 6 max, $30/30 Days

These are the yellow ads you see on the right in the sidebar.  I am limiting them to 6 to avoid over saturation, and the placement of ads within that 6 will be determined by seniority (the ads that are there first get the first spots and move up when older ads run their course).

  • Featured in the sidebar of every article and page of the website at all times
  • 4:3 aspect ratio, size of the ad will respond to the width of the browser
  • Web-optimized .JPG or animated .GIF file types allowed

4. Payment

For all ad services, I will require full payment for the ad term prior to the ad being featured.  I prefer Paypal, but am able to take payments via credit card or check.

5. Apply to Advertise

Fill out the form below and submit it to begin the process of advertising with It’s Pronounced Metrosexual.  I will be in touch with your promptly regarding your candidacy.  Please have your advertisements (the images) ready so that we will be able to get them featured upon your approval and completion of payment.

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