Update of updates: thanks to thousands of messages and tons of conversations, I released Genderbread Person v3 (here’s the most recent iteration) with my book. The outpouring of constructive feedback was overwhelming. Thank you.

Hey friends, here’s the thing:

I made this graphic about a month ago, made a printer-friendly version about a week ago, and sometime in the last five days it erupted (a “ton of views and traffic” eruption, not a “lava and ash and destruction” eruption). ย It’s been viewed close to 500,000 times (that’s half a million) that I can account for. ย But there’s a problem.

The Genderbread Person I created is far from perfect.

I sought to improve upon previous versions, and though I did so, there’s still a lot of room for improvement, particularly in the area of sexual orientation. ย I’ve received hundreds of comments, emails, and DMs to the effect of “it’s great, other than the sexual orientation part”, but not too many provide a working solution.

Help me solve this dilemma and get a better Genderbread Person up for the next half million views.

Below is the best revision I have so far, so perhaps we can start there. ย Leave your constructive criticisms and suggestions in the comments below. ย If the suggestion already exists, vote that suggestion up, don’t leave a duplicate.

What do you think? ย Can we equality and progress be crowd-sourced? ย I think so. ย Let’s find out.


Please keep in mind that this graphic should be simple and easily understood. ย It’s mean to be printed and stand alone as an educational piece, not needing further explanation. ย Great suggestions so far, folks. ย Keep it up!