Social Justice Advocates Handbook: A Guide to Gender Understanding I'm Heading to Cairo


The Intentions vs. Outcomes Matrix


It’s no secret I’m not a big fan of how highly we regard intentions. There’s even a whole chapter in my book about it, and it recently led to a great conversation, which led to this more visual representation of the dynamics between intentions and outcomes. Use it how you want and let me know […]

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Love & Equality: Zero Tolerance For Intolerance [BADGE]


If you see this badge, it means that the person, website, or social media page that shared it is a safe space for people of all identities. They are taking an active advocacy stance in whatever work they are doing and will not tolerate pejorative language or other bigoted behavior in their space. If you want […]

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You Soup: understanding diversity and the intersections of identity

You Soup Recipe Edugraphic

In doing the work I do, I often find myself struggling to help people make sense of the two extremes of identity: on one side we have the idea that people in a group are all the same (stereotypes); while the other side supports this idea that everyone is absolutely unique (snowflakes). I find myself […]

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6+ LGBTQ Obama 2012 Campaign Graphics

Democrat Pride

I support Barack Obama because I want to see more legislation protecting marginalized social groups and identities and he’s the only one likely to make it happen.  If that’s something you value, you should probably support him, too.  I made these LGBTQ-themed Obama support graphics for fun.  If you like ‘em, share ‘em.  If you don’t, don’t. […]

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The Costs of Marriage Inequality (an infographic)

"Costs of Marriage Inequality" Infographic

This isn’t an IPM Edugraphic, but I felt compelled to get the message out.  Check it out, be shocked, then head to and do something about it.  Annnnd go.

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365 Days of It’s Pronounced Metrosexual (an infographic)

365 Days of It's Pronounced Metrosexual Infographic

Holy cow! I just had to renew my domain registration, which was a cue to me that I’ve been at this for a year now!  I collected some fun stats about the site, the show, the genderbread person, and below. The ball is rolling.  Here’s to an even better year two! (click the image […]

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What does the asterisk in “trans*” stand for?

"Trans*" Poster

A few people have asked why I write “trans*” (with the asterisk) instead of just “trans” when referring to trans* folks on my site.  Well, I’m happy to answer that! Trans* is an umbrella term that refers to all of the identities within the gender identity spectrum.  There’s a ton of diversity there, but we […]

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Flowchart: when it’s okay to say “gay”

"I want to say gay" Flowchart

When I published my original flowchart, I said it was for the more analytical folks who are wondering if “gay” is the right word choice for them.  Well, this one is for the most analytical folks, and also folks who enjoy data presented in cute and adorable ways. Oh, and as usual, my readers are way […]

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Flowchart: when it’s okay to say “that’s so gay”

Flowchart of That's So Gay

For the more analytical folks, we created a handy flowchart to help make the decision “Is ‘gay’ the right word for me?” As you can tell, in most cases, the answer is no. Print, post, and share freely.

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The Genderbread Person v2.0

The Genderbread Person v2.1

Heads up! I wrote a book all about gender that builds on the concepts I introduced with this Genderbread Person. If you appreciate this, you’ll love this book. Hundreds of comments, ditto emails, ditto Facebook messages and Twitter tweeters and in-person holla-atchas and I feel like I’m finally in a place to release this.  Without further […]

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When to use the word “gay”

When it's okay to use the word gay

This graphic was originally created to support this article, but then a comment was made saying this should be hung on every dorm wall in America.  A tall order, but at least we can make it an accomplishable one.  Print and hang away, friends.  It’s yours.

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Improving the Genderbread Person: I need YOUR help


Hey friends, here’s the thing: I made this graphic about a month ago, made a printer-friendly version about a week ago, and sometime in the last five days it erupted (a “ton of views and traffic” eruption, not a “lava and ash and destruction” eruption).  It’s been viewed close to 500,000 times (that’s half a […]

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“Gay Marriage Equals” Poster

Gay Marriage Poster Thumbnail

This poster is for Rick Santorum, et al.  Same-sex marriages are happening, gays are serving openly in the military, and the world isn’t falling apart (well, maybe it is, but it was a preexisting condition).  Yet anti-human-rights activists like Santorum and the rest of the Slippery Slopers can’t help but remind us that gay marriage […]

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The Genderbread Person

The Genderbread Person

Please check out the new-and-improved Genderbread Person v2.0.  It’s a heckuvalot better and just as free to share/print! I’m leaving this up for now for those who want it, but I’m no longer endorsing it as the effective model. The Genderbread Person is an infographic that breaks down gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and […]

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