Social Justice Advocates Handbook: A Guide to Gender Understanding I'm Heading to Cairo


Solution for the “Confusing” Gender Neutral Toilet Sign Issue


Update: get involved in this simple guerilla activism project I started based on the reaction to this graphic. A while ago I had the opportunity to sit in on some meetings where a group was lobbying their state legislators for gender neutral bathrooms. Recently, I attended a town hall where the same issue came up. In both cases, […]

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Gender Inequality: Equal Education, Unequal Pay


This fantastic graphic was created and emailed to me by  Big thanks to them for sharing!  

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What does the asterisk in “trans*” stand for?

"Trans*" Poster

A few people have asked why I write “trans*” (with the asterisk) instead of just “trans” when referring to trans* folks on my site.  Well, I’m happy to answer that! Trans* is an umbrella term that refers to all of the identities within the gender identity spectrum.  There’s a ton of diversity there, but we […]

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5+ Ways to Make Our World More Trans*-Friendly

"Identifying as Awesome" Comic

We live in a world that recognizes two options for gender.  If you’re not exactly “man” or “woman” you’re going to have a hard time finding your place, because right now there isn’t a place for you.  Let’s change that.  Following is a list of suggestions to make the world a bit less binary and a […]

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The Genderbread Person v2.0

The Genderbread Person v2.1

Heads up! I wrote a book all about gender that builds on the concepts I introduced with this Genderbread Person. If you appreciate this, you’ll love this book. Hundreds of comments, ditto emails, ditto Facebook messages and Twitter tweeters and in-person holla-atchas and I feel like I’m finally in a place to release this.  Without further […]

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Improving the Genderbread Person: I need YOUR help


Hey friends, here’s the thing: I made this graphic about a month ago, made a printer-friendly version about a week ago, and sometime in the last five days it erupted (a “ton of views and traffic” eruption, not a “lava and ash and destruction” eruption).  It’s been viewed close to 500,000 times (that’s half a […]

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The Genderbread Person

The Genderbread Person

Please check out the new-and-improved Genderbread Person v2.0.  It’s a heckuvalot better and just as free to share/print! I’m leaving this up for now for those who want it, but I’m no longer endorsing it as the effective model. The Genderbread Person is an infographic that breaks down gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and […]

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10 reasons LEGOs aren’t for girls

LEGO LadyFigs

Update: check out this video of a little girl explaining her frustration with gendered toys. It’s amazing how gendered toys are.  If you see an action figure, you think boy.  If you see a barbie, you think girl.  If you see a boy with a barbie, you think gay.  And now LEGO is saying if you […]

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30+ Examples of Cisgender Privilege

"Try not to forget." Comic

Heads up! I wrote a book all about gender that provides tools for standing up against gender-based oppression (like the things below) and working toward a socially justice society. If you appreciate all that jazz, you’ll love this book. Following is a list of cisgender identity privileges.  If you’re not familiar with the term, “cisgender” means having […]

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Breaking through the binary: Gender explained using continuums


Update: View the new-and-improved Genderbread Person v2.0.  It’s a heckuvalot better and just as free! Gender is a tough subject to tackle.  There are a lot of facets to consider, a lot of pressures at play, and we have all been conditioned in such a way that our first instinct is almost unanimously wrong.  But […]

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