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Social JusticeHere you will find all of the articles that fall into the “Social Justice” category. “Social justice generally refers to the idea of creating a society or institution that is based on the principles of equality and solidarity, that understands and values human rights, and that recognizes the dignity of every human being” (source). All the articles in this category are written with the idea of furthering social justice in mind.

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15+ Fantastic Resources for Talking about Homosexuality and The Bible

The Bible vs Homosexuality

Only a tiny, tiny part of the bible can even be argued to reference homosexuality (and that argument, in a few of the verses in particular, is worth looking into), yet it seems like whenever we hear about the Bible in the news it’s being slammed against LGBTQ equality. Even worse, kids are disowned and […]

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Being an Ally Between a Rock and a Hard Place

What do I call you?

I’m an ally. I’ve written before why I’m an ally, and I’ve even once defended my allyship publicly, highlighting many of my privileged identities. But one thing I’ve never fully addressed is the double-edged-sword, Kobayashi-Maru-no-win scenario that can be what it means to be an ally like me. I haven’t focused on this because I don’t want […]

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50+ concrete things you can do today to make for a more socially just tomorrow

"Everyone Deserves a Shot" Comic

Social justice — the idea that everyone in a society, regardless of the identities they embody, can have an equitable shot at success and happiness — is a goal that seems unrealistic for many people. “It’s a pipe dream, Sam,” they say, smugly. “Life isn’t rainbows and butterflies,” they say, adorably. To achieve social justice […]

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30+ Examples of Middle-to-Upper Class Privilege

The Rainy Class Comic

Following is a list of middle-to-upper class privileges.  If you are a member of the middle class or upper class economic groups (or, in some cases, perceived to be) listed below are benefits that may be granted to you based on your group membership — benefits not granted to folks in the lower class.  The […]

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You Soup: understanding diversity and the intersections of identity

You Soup Recipe Edugraphic

In doing the work I do, I often find myself struggling to help people make sense of the two extremes of identity: on one side we have the idea that people in a group are all the same (stereotypes); while the other side supports this idea that everyone is absolutely unique (snowflakes). I find myself […]

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Top Ten Tips on how to Thicken your Skin

It's Pronounced Metrosexual Q & A

I received the following email from a high school senior (we’ll call her Angie), replied to her, she appreciated the response and told me she’d be cool with me sharing it with you folks in case any one else might be able to find it useful. Angie’s Email: I need tips on how to thicken […]

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30+ Examples of Christian Privilege

"Not on the List" Comic

Following is a list of privileges granted to people in the U.S. (and many western nations) for being Christian.  If you identify as Christian, there’s a good chance you’ve never thought about these things.  In response to the ever-increasing “War on Christianity” headlines, I thought it prudent to create this list.  Try and be more […]

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5 Reasons My Approach to Social Justice Work is Better than Yours

"Knowledge Grenades" Comic

The way I approach social justice and ally work on this site and in my show has a distinct flavor.  Some would call it sweet, but I think ginger is spicy-sweet.  I don’t often do things by accident, and in this case it is very on purpose.  My flavor is even so noticeable that if you’ve […]

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Why your intentions don’t really matter, but outcomes do

"Ingrid's Intentionality Elixir" Comic

I’ve created a few graphics about when it’s okay to say “gay” and the one argument that keeps coming up goes something like “How can you regulate language? What’s offensive to one person is not to another.  What matters is your intentions.” Intentions don’t matter, effect does. I will elaborate on my response to that question more in […]

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3 Reasons Positive Stereotypes aren’t that Positive

"Black and Gay" Comic

In my show, I address the issue of positive stereotypes head-on, but I wanted to write an article about it as well.  For those of you unaware, positive stereotypes are assumptions about an entire group or identity (e.g., gay men) that are considered to be “good.”  Some examples of positive stereotypes of gay men: they […]

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5+ Ways to Make Our World More Trans*-Friendly

"Identifying as Awesome" Comic

We live in a world that recognizes two options for gender.  If you’re not exactly “man” or “woman” you’re going to have a hard time finding your place, because right now there isn’t a place for you.  Let’s change that.  Following is a list of suggestions to make the world a bit less binary and a […]

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“Kill every last gay person.”


How about not? Following is an email I just received from that I felt compelled to share.  Please read it, consider it, and spend two minutes making an effort to save thousands of lives. Citibank and Barclays could save the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Uganda. The Ugandan legislature […]

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SNL takes on Lin Racism #LINpeccable


If you’re like me and don’t do sports, you might need the inside info to make this joke funny.  Spark notes version: Jeremy Lin was a super underdog basketball player from Harvard who recently had his first start with the New York Knicks and has scored more points in his first five starts than any […]

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“Second Class Citizens” documentary, make it happen [VIDEO]


Watch the preview below for “Second Class Citizens”, an under-production documentary about the Gay Rights Movement.  The project is being funded on Kickstarter (Kickstarter video way below), and has raised over $145K at the time of this writing (300% of its goal).  You can still back the documentary receive perks (posters, DVDs, etc.), but at this point […]

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