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A lot of the content I create on this site begets the question, “So what do I do about it?” I hope, through this page and other efforts, to create a productive outlet for that energy.

Below you’ll find some featured activities from, a free online resource for LGBTQ+ and ally training workshops. You’ll also find classes that I offer (when offered). When I’m not offering classes, I encourage you to check out FacilitatingXYZ, a free online resource for all facilitators. I’ll feature a few articles and videos below, which are meant to be self-guided learning, and will hopefully help you put lessons from this site into action.

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Submit an activity!

Have an activity you’ve created based on one of the articles or graphics here on the site? Want to share your ingenuity with the community? Awesome. <3 You. Use the submission form, or just send it via email with the subject “IPM Activity.”

At different points in the year, I offer different types of classes. Some of them are master's level courses focusing on gender, sexuality, or advocacy; others are open webinars for continuing education; and others are free online courses for potential trainers & facilitators.

If taking a class with me sounds like something you'd like to do, there are two ways you can be most likely to make it happen: one is to periodically check back on this page for an open class or new offering; the other (and what I'd recommend) is to sign up for the IPM Mailing List below, where I'll make class-related announcements.

Classes & Trainings

No Classes Currently Open

Sorry about that! Check back later for new offerings.

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