Welcome to my corner of the internet!

It’s Pronounced Metrosexual is a comedy show and online resource about snap judgments, identity, and oppression. It’s a site where advocates of social justice can find helpful articles, fun graphics, and other resources designed to be shared in an effort to advance social equity. The show is performed by Sam Killermann at colleges and universities.

New books! I just published A Guide to Gender (2nd Edition): The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook, which is like this site, but in book form. It’s all about the “what” and the “why” of social/gender justice. And January 2016 I published Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation, a book I co-authored with Meg Bolger of the Safe Zone Project. I’m really proud of it, and it is in many ways the “how” to a lot of the “what” and “why” on this site. If you care about the things I write about here, and you’re struggling with how to share them with others, this book is your book.