Hey y’all!

I’m going to be in Cairo for the month of June 2014. I’m going there for a bunch of reasons, but primary among those (and why I’m posting here) is because I’d love to meet some of you lovelies. I know that I have about a thousand monthly readers in Cairo (creepy, I know — thanks, Obama Google Analytics). While I’m there, if you’d like to get some coffee or food, show me around, or just say “Hi” I would love to meet you. Just get in touch, via email, in comments on this page, or on Facebook/Twitter.


  • When: getting in June 6th (KLM changed my flight — silly KLM), staying for at least three weeks.
  • Where: Cairo will be my home base, staying hostels or with friendly people, but I’ll bouncing around to different places to talk to folks.
  • What: let’s call it a sabbatical. I’d love to talk with and meet as many people (who are interested in gender, sexuality, social justice, or hummus) as possible. I want to hear your stories. Don’t be shy to message me on Facebook or send me an email (ideally before I get there).
  • Stand up comedy: I just found out I’ll be doing a set of comedy on the [English/Arabic] Al Hezb El Comedy Gong Show on June 13th. Check out their Facebook Page for details. Sounds like a lot of fun, and is run by a very funny, very nice person.
  • Writing: I’m going to be writing a lot while I’m there. I’ll likely share at least some of that on my blog Dear World at samkillermann.com. Sign up for my (non-IPM) mailing list to stay tuned on that, if you’d like.
  • Other work-ish stuff: While this is a sabbatical, I’m happy to give some short talks, do a few comedy sets, etc. Email my manager Chum cmapa[at]novlmgmt[dawt]com and he’ll be in touch with me.

As I’ve said, this isn’t really a “work” trip, but the odds of me being back are slim, so if I can be helpful while I’m there I’m happy to do what I can. Just let me know. My schedule is incredibly flexible.

Hope to meet at least a few of you this June!

With love,


I’ll continue to update this post as I have more info or things change. Last update May 30th. 

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