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Gender Book Coming Soon!

by Sam Killermann · 8 comments

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Update: the Indiegogo project has reached its goal! Click below for more info or to pre-order a copy!


Hey folks! Great news! (if you’re a fan of my work, otherwise “bad news!”)

I wrote a book. It’s a guide to gender, from a social justice perspective. It’s a couple hundred pages of in-depth explorations of gender (going beyond the Genderbread Person), social justice how-tos & best practices, and (of course) dozens of adorable doodles and silly graphics. Some of what comprises the book you may have seen in some undeveloped form here, but you’ll also find a ton of new goodness to cook your mind potatoes.

If it proves to be helpful, desirable, and/or popular, it will be the first of many in a series of handbooks. Currently, I’m wrapping up edits with a wonderful editorial team, and am ready to move toward publishing.

I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to publish the book, but here are the criteria I’m working from:

  1. Have a free version of the book available for electronic download (accessibility is always priority #1)
  2. High-quality print option that will do my doodles justice
  3. Get it from my head into as many of your hands as quickly and easily as possible

The first goal is one that the two traditional publishers I’m in talks with aren’t thrilled about (understandably so). And the second and third make self-publishing less appealing. I’m doing my best to find some compromise that ultimately most benefits my readership.

If you’re interested in being kept in the loop as I make my decision, click here to sign up to receive email updates as I move forward.

I’m really excited about this, and hope you are, too.

Yours in peace, love, & gender equity,


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Written by Sam Killermann

Sam is a writer and performer who uses those skills as an ally to advance progress in the realms of LGBT equality and social justice. He tours the country speaking to college students about stereotypes, prejudice, and oppression, and writes for this site when he's at home in Austin, TX.

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  • Remy Yolo Swagington III

    SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. As a Gender Studies major, you have no idea how many times the things I google for my papers lead me to your website. Can’t wait to have it all (and more!) in a hard copy. Can’t wait.

    • Samuel Killermann

      Happy to hear it, Remy! Hope you signed up for the list so you get an update when I have one :)

  • Harv

    Dear Sam,

    Thank you for the education! I’m 53, straight, married (to the same person for 30 years.) I try to stay current through reading and talking with my kids. However this is a true level of clarity that I did not have before and I need it to be supportive and give the proper guidance to the teen youth group I am involved with. Their issues are changing with each passing year. I have done this since 1996 and if I want to be effective I must have knowledge of the world they live in today. Job well done!

    • Samuel Killermann

      Hi Harv!

      Thanks for the comment. I’m happy that you’ve found the site to be useful. You’re exactly the person I’m writing it for, so it means a lot to me that it’s found its way to you.

      Best of luck with the ever-changing issues. Let me know if there are any specific issues I could write about that would be helpful for you!


  • Raven Israel Quinn

    I really hope that this gets completely finished and available for download (especially the educational version). I’m part of a Gay/Straight Alliance at my school, but I’m in a fairly conservative area. The group itself is very nervous about becoming public because of the potential bullying that may follow. We’re looking for a way to spread around the information in a friendly and interesting way without the conversation being too heavy. You’re doing a great thing, and I wish there were more people that approached the topic the way you do.
    ~A. and the GSA of Rick Hansen Secondary

    • Samuel Killermann

      Hi Raven!

      Thanks for the comment! The book will officially be a thing! The Indiegogo has successfully passed its goal, and now it’s more of a pre-order:

      Stay tuned there for updates on when it’ll be available.


  • Helen Acosta

    Soooo excited! Our Bakersfield College Gay Straight Association will definitely use the educational edition as part of our Safe Space Training!

    • Helen Acosta

      ..and yes, that is Bakersfield, California: The big shiny buckle on the bible belt.