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We need a bigger house. Care to help?

by Sam Killermann · 6 comments

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It only took five warnings.

Hey folks!

After five consecutive days of breaking my hosting provider’s limits (see the Facebook status to the right), it’s time we move into a bigger house before this one explodes*.

Unfortunately, upgrading to the hosting that’s been recommended to me will cost me about 10X what I’m paying now.  Considering I’m already making negative dollars writing and running this site, a friend and a few readers suggested that I ask for donations to help pay for the extra bandwidth, so I’m doing that.

This is a great problem to have, and I don’t mean to point fingers, but it’s entirely your fault.

There are a few ways we can tackle this.

Donations to the “server fund”

Please consider a small gift to help pay for the additional bandwidth we need to allow this site to continue to grow.

Buying a shirt from The Metro Store

Get my book!
If gifting isn’t your thing (or if you don’t have Paypal) you can also support us by buying a t-shirt from the brand new Metro Store.  All proceeds from the store come right back to support It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, and you get a sweet social justice-y shirt out of the deal!

Backing our new Kickstarter Project

While this won’t really help with the server upgrade (that’s a lot of dollars that are needed immediately), it’ll be a great help to expand the store and continue growing.  Watch the video below and back the project here.

Thanks for reading and sharing and creating this dilemma!  As always, shoot me an email if you have a question.

in love,


*Think Full House, but instead of two Michelles, there are two thousand Michelles.  And 1,999 of them are played by Mary-Kate. Not good.

Written by Sam Killermann

Sam is a writer and performer who uses those skills as an ally to advance progress in the realms of LGBT equality and social justice. He tours the country speaking to college students about stereotypes, prejudice, and oppression, and writes for this site when he's at home in Austin, TX.

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