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Little girl goes on a rant over pink toys [VIDEO]

by Sam Killermann · 9 comments

in Gender

How awesome is this?! Riley does a far better job expressing her outrage about gendered toys than I did in my post 10 Reasons LEGOs aren’t for girls.  This little lady is going places.  Share your reactions in the comments!

Sorry, folks, but it looks like the original on YouTube has been taken down.  But you can still see it here at, and it’s totally worth watching!

Also: this video was shared with me on the wall of our official facebook page (thanks, Joanne!).  ”Like” the page to stay updated, and for a great way to suggest content for the site!

Written by Sam Killermann

Sam is a writer and performer who uses those skills as an ally to advance progress in the realms of LGBT equality and social justice. He tours the country speaking to college students about stereotypes, prejudice, and oppression, and writes for this site when he's at home in Austin, TX.

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  • Kat

    This is so cute. Thanks for sharing!

    • Samuel Killermann

      I thought the same thing :)  She’s going to be a handful.

  • Dana-Lynn Farrell

    where did it go?

    • Samuel Killermann

      Bummer!  It was deleted.  Here’s a link to one that is still live:

      • Dana-Lynn Farrell

        I just watched it, its great!
        My dad actually used to always get me and my sister the boy toys at McDonald’s because the girl ones were so lame.  And I had (still have somewhere) a big collection of toy cars which we played with in our rubbermade box of sand (live in the city, no room for a proper sand box) making tracks to race on.  It was the best.  
        Boy toys are so much more fun than girl toys.  the best a girl can do with a barbie doll is make clothes for her (which I did) 
        My grandparents, instead of buying us toys, would give us the supplies to make our own.  So, wooden blocks of a million different shapes and sizes that were leftover from whatever my grandfather was building, nails, screws, hammers, he’d even saw special pieces for us.  My grandmother taught us how to paint and draw, we made a little toy stove out of a crate and actual used stove top burners for when we played house with other kids, we played library, doctor, vet, put on shows, and even wrote a musical.
        I was so lucky to not be forced into the stereotype, and now I have the choice of whether I want to be a girly girl, or a tom boy, or anything in between.  

        • Samuel Killermann

          That’s a fantastic story!  I love hearing about stuff like that.  My childhood had similar opportunities.  My big sisters would paint my nails (at my request), but I always wanted manly stuff painted on them like basketballs and baseballs (funny how I still showed a little resistance, yeah?), and my mom was incredibly supportive of all of it.  Cross dressing never phased her, either.  And look how well I turned out!  

          Joking aside, I don’t think she screwed me up :)

          • Sarah Hall

            My brother LOVED being dressed up in my dress-up clothes, and having his nails painted, and watching SkyDancers (very ‘girly’ TV show). My parents found it amusing, up to about the age of 5, when he was expected to cease with the ‘girly’ stuff, and act like a boy. I was the one with Linkin’ Logs, and Legos, hated pink, etc. But don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to be a princess at Halloween. It’s a holiday about being someone not yourself, right? Plus I liked the sparkly outfits, haha.

  • Amarantha

    Yes – this was exactly me when I was younger :3 You’re doing it right.