Social Justice Advocates Handbook: A Guide to Gender Understanding

Why same-sex marriage is constitutional, and marrying a toaster is not.

by Sam Killermann · 2 comments

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A graphic representation of an issue that should be simpler than it is, but it always leading to absurd slippery-slope arguments. What are your thoughts on the issue?
Explaining Gay Rights Graphic

Source: NevermoreFTW

Written by Sam Killermann

Sam is a writer and performer who uses those skills as an ally to advance progress in the realms of LGBT equality and social justice. He tours the country speaking to college students about stereotypes, prejudice, and oppression, and writes for this site when he's at home in Austin, TX.

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  • Suvi-Tuuli Allan

    Marriage between any number of *consenting adults*, whether related or not, should be allowed.

    • Samuel Killermann

      I’m okay with that, but I support the baby steps approach.  And I also don’t really understand how the civic privileges would be allocated in that situation (but I’m sure it’ll be figureoutable).